Our Origins and Story Cacique Tours Nicaragua

Cacique Tours was born in the city of Rivas, on a beautiful island named Ometepelt where the impressive volcanoes Concepción and Maderas are located in the great Lake Cocibolca, today Lake Nicaragua. Eduardo Manzanares after climbing countless Concepción and Maderas volcanoes, navigating the great Lake Cocibolca, walking through the isthmus where indigenous people and Spaniards traveled, living where the transit route was; the gold route that Varderbilt wanted to build the great interoceanic canal and the invader William Walker where he tried to start his empire that also failed. The pre-Columbian art, flora, fauna and events lived in today called the city of Los Mangos, land of the Great Cacique Nicarao.

Eduardo Manzanares, baptizes the company with the name of ¨CACIQUE TOURS NICARAGUA¨ for being located in a region with a lot of tourist wealth and historical background, that with the skill of our guides the traveler can enjoy, learn and relive all the past in his mind, that makes us different, we guarantee a trip with experts and connoisseurs of the history of our beloved Nicaragua, we are the Caciques. Those of us who operate Cacique Tours consider it important and even necessary to teach our clients about our culture, our people, and of course to learn about the traditions and history that surrounds us. Today we are aware that the most important thing is to take care of our natural resources, cultural, artistic and historical heritage that make our country a rich tourist destination. We are committed to work hand in hand with our communities to take care of everything we have inherited from history.

Training & Experience

1) 2005, March 05 for Magic Touch Film's Beyond Boundaries program for BBC London, a 28-day documentary filming, which was promoted and televised by Discovery Chanel with a duration of 4 hours.

2) 2011, October 17th for Mysttif Producction, a 32 days documentary, exploring from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean.

Mission & Vision

To provide unforgettable excursions in Nicaragua, teaching our travelers to be environmentally friendly, promoting the care, conservation and protection of our natural resources and national heritage.

To be a leading tourism company with capacity, quality, all the expectations of you the travelers to promote economic and social growth hand in hand with sustainable development because we are very responsible with our communities and our country.

Cacique Tours Team

1. Guides certified by INTUR with more than 6 different subjects; specialists in flora, fauna, archaeology, volcanic crossings and cultures, it is them with their professionalism and knowledge that makes us the best.

2. Customer service office: very capable people, attentive to your sensitive requests, help to make your trip a success with a lot of joy and happiness.

3. Drivers with a lot of professional ethics, experience, kindness, caution and hygiene, pending of everything so that the traveler feels safe and pleasant.

4. Luxury and comfortable transportation, with capacity from 1 to 50 passengers, with all documents in order.


Certification from the National Tourism Institution INTUR.
Tourist license.
National operation permits.
Cacique Tours Nicaragua is registered in the records of the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism INTUR.

We have received all the quality standards required and regulated by this ministry of the Republic of Nicaragua.
Ruc: N-561-261170-0006L
Registration: N- 040320-ov-18344
Folio. N-5700
Given in the city of Rivas, department of Rivas.
Proprietor Eduardo Antonio Manzanares Gómez

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